April 22, 2024

Priyanka Chopra has finally joined the ranks of her co-stars and announced the launch of her own official website.

The official website is called https://iampriyankachopra.com/

To commemorate the event, Priyanka chopra invited the whos’ who of Bollywood.

A video was also commissioned to record the event for posterity.

priyanka official website iampriyankachopra.com

Priyanka assured all of her fans who had gathered on the occasion that she would ensure that latest news and updates about her numerous movies and events are immediately flashed on the website.

The official website will also enable Priyanka Chopra to interact with her fans on a one-to-one basis.

She already does it on twitter. However, a personal interaction on her own website will obviously have much more meaning for her fans and followers.

9 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra launches official website https://iampriyankachopra.com/

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  8. There is a book that would make a perfect movie for you called the Bandit queens.pleae look into this it would be great for you and several Indian actresses could also have roles

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